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Discover a seamless blend of professional support and innovative technology, ensuring your loved ones receive personalized, accessible, and discreet care in the comfort of their own home.

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Transforming Elderly Care with Compassion and Innovation

At Pote Monos, we recognize the challenges faced by adults in finding the right care solutions for their aging parents.

We’re here to make a difference by offering unparalleled care and support tailored to your loved ones’ unique needs.

Our compassionate caregivers, advanced monitoring systems, and personalized services—including 24/7 in-home monitoring, professional nursing care, home safety assessments, and wellness programs—are designed to provide peace of mind and ensure the highest quality of life for your loved ones.

Need your medications from the pharmacy? Our dedicated staff will take care of the prescription and bring the medication straight to your doorstep. Require transportation to a destination? Our friendly team will pick you up from your door, assist you to the car, and ensure you arrive safely at your desired location. If you need help while you’re there, rest assured, we will be right by your side.

Looking for assistance with daily chores? Our home cleaning and personal hygiene services will keep your loved ones’ living spaces spotless and comfortable.

Experience the difference with Pote Monos and give your parents the care they truly deserve.

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Choose From A Comprehensive Range of Elderly Care Services

Empowering seniors to thrive through personalized care and innovative solutions

Smart Fall Detection

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with our state-of-the-art fall detection system, which instantly alerts family members in case of a fall.

Remote Health Monitoring

Stay informed about your elderly family members' health with our remote health monitoring system, which tracks vital signs and shares data with healthcare providers.

Smart Pill Dispenser

Never miss a medication with our smart pill dispenser, which organizes and dispenses daily medications while sending timely reminders.

SOS Emergency Button

Gain peace of mind knowing that help is just a click away with our easy-to-use SOS emergency button, connecting your elderly family members to emergency services in critical situations.

Doctors And Nurses 24/7

With our 24/7 doctors and nurses service, your loved ones are never alone in managing their health needs. Our dedicated medical professionals are always available to address concerns, provide guidance, and ensure the highest standard of care is delivered day and night.

Ambulance Support

Our ambulance support service ensures that in case of an emergency, your loved ones receive immediate, professional medical attention, minimizing response time and providing essential care during critical moments.

Customized Meal Services

Satisfy specific dietary needs with our personalized cooking service, which prepares delicious and nutritious meals in line with individual dietary plans.

Transportation Assistance

Make transportation easy and stress-free for your elderly family members with our reliable transportation assistance service, ensuring they can attend medical appointments, social events, and more. Our people will be there waiting and taking care of your loved ones

In-Home Check-Up And Healthcare

Experience the convenience of medical check-ups at home with our in-home blood examination services, conducted by certified healthcare professionals.

Home Cleaning Services

A spotless home for comfortable living - our professional staff handles every cleaning need.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

Promoting self-esteem and well-being through compassionate, respectful personal care.

Pet Care Services

Stress-free pet care for seniors - ensuring their furry friends receive the love and attention they need.

Financial and Bill Management

Hassle-free financial organization and timely bill payments for your elderly loved ones.

Home Safety Assessment

Identifying and addressing potential hazards to ensure a secure and comfortable living environment.

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Physical Therapy In-Home

Convenient, personalized physical therapy sessions right in the comfort of your loved ones' home.

Why Choose Us

Experience the Difference in Elderly Care with Affordability and Innovation

Choose us for exceptional and cost-effective senior care solutions that combine personalized attention, innovative technology, and a compassionate approach to ensure your loved ones enjoy an independent and fulfilling life.

Personalized Care & 24/7 Medical Professionals

Addressing each individual’s unique needs with tailor-made care solutions, backed by round-the-clock access to expert medical professionals for peace of mind.

Innovative Technology & Human Touch

Combining cutting-edge technology with compassionate caregivers to deliver a perfect blend of safety, support, and warmth for seniors.

Affordable Pricing & Home Comfort

Delivering exceptional care at a fraction of the cost, allowing seniors to enjoy quality support in the comfort of their own homes without compromising on their well-being.

Smart Fall Detection
Smart communication
SOS Emergency Button
Smart Pill Dispenser
Remote Health Monitoring
Prescription Management & Home Delivery
Doctor in-home check up
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